Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disney Trip 2010


October 11th. My teeth are coming in! Here you may be able to see little teeth breaking through the gums.

Clean Baby


Back to School in August

Grace started back to school. She is in 1st grade! She has a lot of homework this year so, we made a special place for her to study in her room.

I love my uncle!

Here is Madeline's favorite person - Uncle Justin. Jack calls him Uncle Juck-stin.

Hanging out with the Wolfs

This summer we were so happy to have the chance to spend time with the Wolf family.
We have had so much fun in Seattle and at UT with them.

Singleton/Morrell Retreat Summer 2010

Each summer we end up spending a whole weekend with the Morrell Family. It is always so much fun, and we feel so blessed that our children are such great friends.

Jack's New Hobby

A tiny Ronix wakeboard for our boy.

Lake View Dock Baby

Thanks John and Julie for the cute shirt for our dock baby!


This summer we lived on the lake part time.
Our children turned into fish.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm growing up!

Finally, Grace's top teeth are arriving! She lost these teeth in November last year along with the bottom ones which you can see have grown all the way in. We were wondering when the top two would show up and here they are. It is with a little sadness that we recognize these new additions because we realize that her appearance will forever change once her permanent teeth are fully in. She is growing up fast. We are having a ball with her, and we feel so blessed to be her parents!

This is what cool looks like.

Here is Jack after he has eaten pizza for lunch. He later wiped his mouth on my shirt. Thanks a lot! Nathan gave Jack these headphones today so he could listen to his "ipod" without disrupting any sleeping 5 month olds we may have. We didn't take into consideration that he would still sing his favorite country songs to the top of his lungs!

Me and My Bunny

Getting Started

This morning something has come over me. I sit at my computer and wonder "can I do this?" I know that to most people - Nathan, Kate, Beth, Justin, my students - making a blog is nothing, but this is my first time doing anything like this. I hope I can do this successfully and create a way for us to connect with our family members who live in different parts of the country. Here goes!