Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jack is Star of the Week!

This week Jack was Star Student of the Week. We sent in pictures, and they asked him some questions then, posted the answers on the bulletin board in the classroom that was dedicated to Jack. I love that his favorite food answer was "steak." I guess it starts young for men! I also like that he still calls Maddie "My baby."

Maddie's New Carseat

Ok, so this is a little wrong because, last time I checked, a child is supposed to be 20 pounds to sit in a forward-facing carseat. Maddie is a month from being 1, and she is 17 pounds. We decided to go for it and put her in a new seat. She cannot stand riding in the car. Riding around with a screaming baby is near-excruciating! Well, guess what, the new car seat is working like a charm. She loves it! It is really cute and distracting for me because I can't stop myself from looking back at her while I'm driving! Yikes!

Maddie's New Shoes

Sorry this is sideways! Maddie is in Grace's old shoes. She likes the strings.

A Toast

I finally found my copy of the toast I made at Kate's rehearsal dinner. I thought I would post it here. In addition to the toast, I made some small photo albums that I placed on the tables. The albums had pictures of Kate from childhood on. This toast was so hard for me! I enjoyed it and every part of the wedding though.
Here it is . . .
   "I believe I have met everyone here tonight, but for those of you I have not, I am Kate's sister Whitney. I am from Tennessee. Mother of 3 children who love their "Aunt Cake." I'm an educator with no technological savvy. I'm very sentimental, especially when it comes to my sister. I wanted to give a toast and say a little about my sister tonight because I love her; I am happy for her; and I am proud of her. I also realize that tonight brings together 2 families from opposite sides of this great country and in this merger, I realized that most of you here tonight do not know much about my sister's life.  You know Kate now, but not my sweet baby sister, and I wanted to share a part of her past with you. So, I stepped up, dusted off the ole' computer and went to work on these little photo books that are placed on your tables. I wanted you all to see how precious my sister was, and I knew she would be so proud of me for doing this because this is not something I would normally do, but something she would do for me, and because I didn't have to call her for tech support. The books are two-fold, they have cute pictures, but they also have a message for Kate and Dave. A message that I may not deliver so eloquently tonight. You see, tonight is so exciting, yet so sad for me. My baby sister has grown up and Seattle has become her home, and I already miss her so much. But, I am happy for Kate and Dave, and with that being said, I would like to make a toast.
   First of all to Dave. We are so pleased to welcome you to our family. I see that my sister is so happy being with you, and that makes me so happy. I can tell that you are a very kind, giving, and loving person. You will need all those qualities!  You will need them to tolerate our loud, obnoxious family! I knew when I first met you that you were the one. In my heart, I knew. For a long time I have been saying "I think Kate is going to marry this guy." When we came out last summer, I told Dad on the flight home that I thought you would propose soon. My gut feeling all along has been that you are the right may for my sister, and that is so important to me because she is so important to me. I thank you in advance for understanding that she and I need each other and understand each other in a way that you and Nathan just won't. I am sorry that we have just discovered ichat and can now spend hours laughing loudly and talking over the computer. I welcome you with open arms, and I ask you from the bottom of my heat to please take care of my sister and love her like I do, protect her and treasure her.
  Kate, it is so hard for me to capture in words my love for you. Part of the reason I made these books tonight was because I thought they would help me through this moment. What I can say is that it has been a blessing and joy to be your sister. To share a childhood full of memories. You were so cute and sweet as a child, and you have grown into an amazing woman. Friends come and go, but our relationship will be lifelong. I am truly happy for your tonight. Thank you for being there for me for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I love you.
   I would also like to toast our parents. Thank you for being such a great mom and a great dad. As we have branched off and are developing our own families, I can speak for Kate when I say that we feel so blessed to have you all to go home to, to turn to, and to share fun times at this stage in life. As we look around the room we can see all our family, and we are so blessed. We may be a bunch of Southerners (as my husband says "your loud damn family"), but we love each other and we certainly know how to have a good time.
   I have been blessed to have a great husband myself. I have learned all the thrills of married life, and if I could tell you two anything it would be this "think about the big picture" and "have fun." When you get married you can't sweat the small stuff. You have to think about the big picture of your life together and have as much fun as you can together. Nathan and I believe that God has a plan that places two people in each other's paths. Your relationship is the most pure example of that belief. Everything leading up to this day is so serendipitous. To meet up in this great city, fall in love, and get married - that sounds to me like it was meant to be.
   So, let's raise our glasses to a sister, a new brother-in-law, a great city, an even greater love, and to a marriage that is destined to be lovely."
Love you Kate!

Monday, March 7, 2011


For some reason the videos I posted are not quite right. To play them you may have to scroll a little above or around the play button to push play. Just try it. You'll see that you may not be able to actually push the play button. Try the circle above the play button. Sorry!

Another tooth!

Grace lost another tooth tonight. Number 6. She wrote the tooth fairy a thank you note. Hope the tooth fairy doesn't fall asleep early tonight.